Meet Molly

Molly started Move Mobile in 2020 as a personal training service designed to help work around the every day obstacles that get in the way of fitness.  Offering both mobile sessions at home, or sessions in her private weight room at Softball Central, ANYONE can train with Molly. Sessions are offered in a 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 format.  Unleash your inner athlete!  Whether you are a youth athlete looking to excel in your sport, or an adult looking to rebuild or your relationship with fitness, Molly is here to help you in the journey! 

Molly also stays connected to the softball community, being a former NCAA Division I softball player, by coaching softball specific skills and strength and conditioning. Pitching and hitting lessons are offered in half hour and hour intervals. 

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Individual Pitching/Hitting lessons

Calling pitchers and hitters of all ages and skill level! Lessons are half an hour or full hour at Softball Central.  Athletes will work on specific mechanics and winning mentality to improve at the plate and the mound to elevate their game to the next level. 


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1-on-1 or 2-1

Private and semi-private sessions focus on strength primarily as it will directly improve quality of life, confidence, and overall health and performance.  Programs are custom to each client and are written with the intent of bringing you closer to reaching your goals. Train the mind and the body to find true peace and confidence. 

Base price starts at $50 for private one hour sessions.

 $30 per athlete for semi-private full hour sessions.


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Team Strength and Conditioning

The most elite teams push themselves on the field, AND in the weight room.  Well rounded and competitive athletes must train for strength, stamina, and control to improve all facets of their sport. 3 month minimum commitment for once a week or biweekly team strength and conditioning sessions on the Softball Central turf.  

Baseline rate starts at $100 per hour session.



4, 5, and 6 month options.

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Contact Information:

Move Mobile Personal Training

Softball Central - 1800 Broadway St. Buffalo NY 14211